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Where does the television stand in today’s age of constant personal connectivity and mobile communications? Where is it headed? What is television’s future as a viable advertising medium?

Insight, a division of, is set to revolutionize the Sri Lankan television industry. Our platform is Sri Lanka’s first interactive, contextual TV advertising platform. The Insight platform enables television broadcasters and advertisers to reach and engage with audiences in exciting new ways.

Sri Lankan television has traditionally played an important role as a social hub. It has helped bring people together - whether inside our living rooms or at office cafeterias.

We believe the answer to the future of television lies in its inevitable convergence with the internet. We believe with this convergence television will re-establish its role as a social hub.

At Insight we are taking Sri Lankan television social. Talk to us.

About us

Who Are We?
Insight is an ad-tech platform backed by, Sri Lanka’s most valuable social media brand.

What Do We Do?
The insight platform was created from the ground up to help advertisers, broadcasters and TV content producers to engage audiences in exciting new ways. We do this by pushing contextual and interactive advertisements.

The traditional TV advertising model doesn’t allow for two-way conversation between audience/customer and advertiser. The insight TV advertising platform is built from the ground up to encourage interactivity.

Embedding interactivity into the television advertising experience will help extend the purchasing funnel to advocacy and, thereby, lead to loyalty from customers.

How do we do it?
In a nutshell, we match the Sri Lanka television audience’s viewing behaviour to their purchasing habits.
Doing this requires the coming together of a number of stakeholders in the television and telco sectors.

How Can Insight Help Your TV Advertising?
We believe the future of marketing is in the ability to mine salient data on target markets, refining that data to help brands stay relevant in an increasingly crowded market place.

Insight’s interactive TV platform helps you, whether advertiser or broadcaster, to understand Sri Lankan TV channel audiences at a more in-depth level. Every campaign that is run on the Insight platform garners real-time statistics on its reach and effectiveness.

Learn more about our process.

How are Insight’s TV advertisements different from traditional TVCs?
We encourage interactivity by placing in-programme, contextual advertisements that come with an incentive for the audience members. For instance, we map a highly in-demand product such as washing powder to a scene that is based inside a laundry room. The context between what the audience is watching and the product being displayed in-programme is immediately established.

The product would be sold at a very attractive price determined by the merchant. This, in turn, acts as an incentive for audience members to purchase the item immediately through their mobiles.

This interactivity is a first step in advertisers and broadcasters capturing audience insights via objective data.

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The Insight Process


Why Television Advertising

The primary problem facing television broadcasters today is the inability to guarantee advertisers large audiences with desirable demographics1.

Today the television medium stands at a crossroads. On one hand, its traditional role as the central media device in our homes is threatened by personal mobile connectivity devices. On the other, the movement of consumers towards these personal devices presents broadcasters and advertisers with a number of challenges:

  • How do Sri Lankan TV companies ensure their content is relevant in the age of new media ?
  • How do you continue to engage audiences in the new media age ?
  • How do you ensure advertising revenue doesn’t fall in the face of these challenges ?
  • In light of the above, how do you retain TV advertising as the dominant marketing and communications channel ?

These are critical questions pondered over by media executives, brand managers and ad agencies the world over. The internet’s democratization of content – how we produce content, and how we consume it – has allowed electronics manufacturers to view the TV from a different perspective. The answers to the problems of modern TV advertising lie in its ability to embrace the technology that presented it with the challenges in the first place.

The inevitable convergence of the internet with the TV will allow the latter to retain its traditional role as a social hub. No more will TV broadcasters, content producers, advertisers be merely ‘pushing’ their content. Instead, TVs will be among a plethora of devices that encourage two-way conversations between media producers and audiences. In the future, viewers will be interacting with their favourite programs, sharing content with their friends, ‘Liking’, ‘Tweeting’, and generally engaging with the TV in new and exciting ways. In short, TV is set to become more social.

At Insight, we are pioneering the technology needed for Sri Lankan companies to continue leveraging TV as a viable marketing and communications platform. We are enabling advertisers to help identify and cater to their target markets in more efficient, cost-effective ways. We are helping TV broadcasters understand their audiences better. We are aiding TV content producers to connect to their audiences so that they can have richer, more interactive conversations.

We are helping take TV social.

1M. Gluck, M.R. Sales (2008, September) The Future of Television: Advertising, Technology and the Pursuit of Audiences [PDF]; Link: